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Matthias Mellouli

Mobile developer working and living in Toronto

Time flies ! I've been gratuated with an IT Master degree in 2013. With a speciality called E-services. Since then I've almost always worked on mobile development. During my previous work experiences and on my personal time, I've contucted various projects acrross multiple platorms. My main expertise domain is iOS but I aslo worked on Android, and sometimes on web using Php.

I'm curious, and try to take every opportunity available to improve my skills and discover new stuff (thank you Realm for the good video talks!). When I have time I love to develop personal projects, and I'm particulary proud of one called "Doudou Perdu" (iOS) that I created in collaboration with a UI/UX designer.

I'm mostly developing in Swift but I've been using ObjC for years. My favourite playground is everything concerning UI and animations. I love to see things move in a beautiful way and I'm very concerned about all the small details that make the difference

I'm also a musician. I started by playing the guitar, but now I occasionally play bass guitar and keyboard too. I like to compose new things but...I really need to impove my mixing skills..

So, what's now ?

I would like to share and learn in a passionate team, discover new things, and of course work on interesting projects ;).

So if you have needs in mobile development and that you find my profile intresting, feel free to contact me so we can chat about our future together !

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Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at


This is my favorite development platform (it rocks!)


I worked on multiple projects

Web development

I know basics of web development, I usually use it for my webservices

Distributed revision control

I've been using git on all my projects, but I know SVN


I'm not an artist, but I know the bases

Work Experience

My previous associations

May, 2014

Interad Corp.

Mobile developer

I have been working mostly on mobile banking apps for a TOP 3 Canadian bank, dealing with multiple layers of the apps (Model, Network, UI) and sometimes on the Backend model as well. I've tried to take advantage of the freedom I had to try new things like MVVM, or Realm (which I highly recommend). I also developped an event app called Almost Xmas that I really like for the animations and interactions.

Feb, 2013
Apr, 2014


Mobile developer

During a year at this company, I had the opportunity to work within a top team on retail applications for big French companies like Fnac or La Redoute. I worked on both iOS and Android on multiple layers of the apps (networking, UI, Model).

Aug, 2012
Jan, 2013


iOS developer

I worked essentially on a koaraoke application called Karafun (iPhone/iPad). For this app I developped new features (lead vocals and instruments mixing, offline songs..), I made profound changes in the request system, and I worked with the design team to change the user interface

May, 2012
Jul, 2012


iOS developer

During this experience I had the opportunity to develop several medical applications. which are "Mesuresus musculo-squelettiques", "iTrauma" and "GPI"



iOs developer / web integrator

This was my first real professional experience in the mobile domain. I developped an iOS application called "Sogood Nature". I also made components for the other iOS developers of the team. Finally, I worked on a pizzeria webSite for which I made HTML/CSS integration

Apr, 2010
Jun, 2010

Sendai National College of Technology

Internship abroad

I had the opportunity during my university years to go to Japan, working as a foreign student in a lab. I discovered Android and made an application to manage a database of english/japanese translations.


Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career


Master of Computer Science in E-services

LILLE 1 University - Science and Technology


Bachelor of Computer Science

LILLE 1 University - Science and Technology


Associate degree of Computer Science

LILLE 1 University - Science and Technology



Albert Calmette High School, Tourcoing.


showcase of my latest works

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

+1 (416) 834-2805



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